The West Coast Muscle idea was born out of a nostalgia for old school bodybuilding and a love for California culture.  These are our roots, and we believe it is our responsibility to spread awareness and encourage others to find excitement in living a healthy lifestyle.  We also want to inspire others to find and pursue their passion in the same way that we have found ours, and to never feel ashamed of chasing a dream.  After all, we are just a group of people chasing our own dream.


At 6:00 every morning during the winter of 2011-2012, Ryne Williams and Kris Haines would meet at the gym to workout together.  Kris was in the middle of dieting down in preparation for the California Natural Muscle Mayhem; a seasoned veteran of the sport of bodybuilding.  Ryne wasn't even twenty one years old yet, but was very eager to learn how to build muscle from Kris, a Mr. Miyagi figure to Ryne.  Although the age difference between the two was quite large, what they did have in common was a vision that was even larger.

Every morning at that gym, which was named West Coast Muscle Athletic Club, they would spend time between sets daydreaming about how much impact and potential a brand like West Coast Muscle could have. The energy and ideas were abundant. They knew it had to be a huge, worldwide brand.  However, as time would go on, Ryne and Kris would stop working out together, leaving the potential West Coast Muscle brand to be nothing more than a year's worth of ideas.  Soon after, Ryne would go off to school at the University of Oregon, and the West Coast Muscle gym would shut its doors for good.

Time would pass, Ryne would move home from Oregon, and Kris would continue working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach in an upscale corporate gym.  They would chat via text occasionally, bouncing ideas off of each other...yearning to reignite the West Coast Muscle project.  Eventually, the two had put enough ideas together that they decided to give it another shot.  It was time to build this for real.

After several brainstorming sessions, and numerous hours of thought and effort put into branding and designs, the first batch of West Coast Muscle gear was brought to life.  Between that point and now, the WCM team has expanded and added two more people: Kael Williams, and Frankie Cartoscelli.

Since the beginning of 2017, West Coast Muscle has not only grown its physical team, but also has seen massive expansion on all social media platforms.  Because of the reach of social media, West Coast Muscle has been able to catch the eye of numerous influential people ranging from professional athletes to A-list actors.


The future direction of the brand remains uncertain, but optimistic.  As the West Coast Muscle brand expands and matures, we would like to start fulfilling a lot of our long term goals ranging from full fledged media projects to sourcing our own materials and custom manufacturing our apparel from the ground up.  

We have a lot of ideas in the tank for down the road, but right now we are much more concerned with growing the brand audience, as well as maintaining and improving our operations behind the scenes so we can continue to support you every rep of the way.