Blog #3: West Coast Muscle Goes To Newport Beach

For the past twenty-two years, I had woken up on my birthday in my small hometown of Yuba City, California. It only took until my twenty third birthday to wake up somewhere else. The West Coast Muscle team arrived in Newport Beach on July 3rd, looking to create some new content, meet up and network with a few friends of ours that also look to thrive in the fitness industry, and of course, celebrate the festivities of the 4th of July. But unfortunately for our gang, the trip had to start on my birthday… sorry guys. Joined by our own Kael Williams’ fraternity brothers Michael Roarke and Daniel Zorba, we headed to the beach. Also joining us on this trip were Sergio Rios and Manraj Sangha, both from our home town of Yuba City. Thanks for coming fellas! After we arrived at the beach, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, took in the fresh ocean air. We all admired the unbelievable spot we had on a busy day at the beach, spoke of how happy we were to be in Newport, and then I believe I was called birthday bitch several times. And then… you guessed it, the drinks started flowing. Music was played, drunk naps in the sun were had, and lots of good pictures were taken for our website. While at the beach, our goal was the same as the past few trips we have been on: network. We had lots of good conversations with other beachgoers on the 3rd. We told them about our business, our vision, and our lifestyle. I believe only a few conversations were ruined by drunk shenanigans, and I think only a few were my fault… but I digress. It was a great birthday at the beach, and we ended the day with a drunk nap, free drinks at our hotel bar, and some pizza. We called it a night early, mostly because we are stupid and had been day drinking for 10 hours in the heat. In any case, the 4th awaited.


The 4th of July, Independence Day. The day that not only embodies our great country, but it’s the day that embodies summer as a whole. Being with friends and family, firing up the grill, having a beer or two while watching fireworks. Feeling a sense of pride to be American is what the day is all about. In our case, we returned to the beach with more booze, aired up a few inflatable rafts, and met up with a few friends who also are into creating fitness related content. Guillaume Lemay, Chad Nutter and Nedim Sparrow spent the day with us, traded ideas, inspirations, and most importantly, a few laughs. These guys are the exact types of people we love to meet and network with. They love positivity, fitness, as well as living a healthy lifestyle, and that is what we are all about here at West Coast Muscle. Thanks for hanging out with us guys, and for those reading, I highly recommend that you check out their pages below. That night, the Newport sky was almost completely covered in fireworks. Everywhere we turned, we saw bright lights cascading over the southern California sky. We all had never seen anything like it, seeing that where we’re from, the highest fireworks go are about 7 feet. We devoted the rest of the evening to gathering content for our social media platforms, and it was the perfect way to end the trip. All in all, this trip was great for us to get out and do what we love, and that is to spread the word about WCM. It also was great for us to break away from our regular routine in Sacramento. Sometimes we all need a change of scenery, even if it’s for a few days. Change is good, change is inevitable. We’re beyond ready for a change in scenery, and we know it’s coming… when it comes, it for sure will be longer than just a few days.


Coming up, West Coast Muscle has a big day on Saturday July 15th. Our own Kael Williams will be competing in the physique category in the Novice division at the California Natural Muscle Mayhem in Sacramento. Kael has worked relentlessly at being in the best shape possible for this event, and has put in hard work, with a work ethic all of us can admire. For anyone in the area interested in checking it out, send us a DM on our Instagram page for competition details. We’re proud of you, and know you’re going to kill it Kaelskies!


Your friend,

Franklin Cartoscelli



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