Blog #1: The Start of Something New


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you Shredderz to the first ever West Coast Muscle blog! These blogs will inform you all with updates regarding what the team is up to, as well as future additions to the store, upcoming trips, events, contests, and much more. It is our goal to hit the ground running, and since our website launched last Tuesday, we’ve been hard at work to attain that goal.

This week, the West Coast Muscle team took a day trip to San Francisco to get some new content and meet up with the great Taralin Gold. Taralin is an amazing photographer with a great sense of humor, hard work ethic, and a drive for success that we all admire. The shots she captured of us are incredible, and we will be posting them on our social media platforms over the next few weeks. San Francisco is a beautiful city and a great place to get content, and Crissy Field was exactly what we had in mind for a location to get the scenery we needed. The day was full of fun, great food (I’m still thinking about lunch at Cliff House Restaurant), and we got some help from our good friends Keenan Lewis and Sarah Hungrige! Keenan and Sarah, who live in SF, came to Crissy Field and helped us out big time with gathering new content. Huge thanks to Taralin, Keenan, and Sarah; the work you all put in to this shoot meant a lot to us! Our day in the bay gave us lots of photos and video, so be on the lookout for new vlogs from Kael and Ryne Williams (social media handles at the bottom of the blog).

Looking forward to what’s next, the West Coast Muscle team will be heading to sin city, Las Vegas. This is a highly-anticipated trip for us, so anticipated that we’ve talked about it every day for the past year. From May 30-June 3, the team will be in Vegas collecting new content for the site and social media, getting a lift in at the Lift Factory, and of course… letting loose and having some fun. We’re open to any suggestions of what restaurants to visit, cool places to take pictures, or even good spots to grab a drink and relax... or grab a drink and get wild. Big things are coming this summer, I hope all of you are ready for what’s next.

I know we are.


Your friend,

Frankie Cartoscelli



Special thanks for this week’s action:

Taralin Gold

  • Instagram: @tngphotographydesign

Keenan Lewis

  • Instagram: @keenan_christian

Sarah Hungrige

  • Instagram: @sarah_hungrige

West Coast Muscle

Ryne Williams:

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  • Twitter: @rynew05
  • Snapchat: @ryne5
  • YouTube: Ryne Williams 

Kael Williams:

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  • YouTube: Kael Williams

Zach Lansky:

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Kris Haines:

  • Instagram: @krypton0341
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Frankie Cartoscelli:

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  • Twitter: @FCartoscelli3
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  • I was stoked to come across this website. Being a SoCal local my whole life and being a kinesiology graduate, I have found a brand that I would actually represent inside and outside of the gym. This company represents a way of living for Southern California residents. West Coast Muscle is a lifestyle!

    Cody Farah
  • As a bodybuilder back in the days of Arnold, the best bodybuilding workout apparel was from the west coast. Brands like Gold’s Gym and later No Limits Athletics (still have and wear a now twenty year old pair of No Limits sweat pants and almost as old Gold’s top that I have worn almost everyday (no exaggeration) unmatched in quality, style and design. They are still cooler than anything I have been able to find and I have looked hard! Your story and stuff reminds me of those days. You are onto something. Looking forward to trying out West Coast Muscle ‘stuff’.
    Scott Gammel

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